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Benefits of Aloha's Legal and Attorney Document Copy Service

In today's high paced legal environment, preparation and presentation of your case has never been more important. With our imaging and archiving capabilities you and your staff can now search through hundreds of thousands of pages in seconds! Imagine being able to prepare for your trial in just days or weeks, instead of months.

The use of scanning and PDF conversion with searchable text can be particularly effective when managing large or litigation down to even the smallest of cases. By converting the documents to searchable pdf, the cost of document management can be greatly reduced while increasing accessibility, mobility and scalability. Costs are significantly reduced because the time spent setting up, organizing, retrieving and re-filing is significantly reduced. Four to six boxes of documents can easily be stored on a single CD-ROM while about 18 to 20 boxes can be stored on a single DVD-ROM! There is greater access to documents with an increased ability to find the "hot documents" quickly and all possible document relationships. As new legal theories evolve, the legal professional is instantly able to identify and retrieve relevant documents that are on point.



By utilizing PDF files with searchable text you can easily add bookmarks and hyperlinks to reference important locations in your documents. You can also create annotations, add digital signatures, add sticky type notes, create user highlighted areas, add sound and movie attachments and many more features that make the PDF file a very powerful file format for your court documents. Upgraded versions of Acrobat Reader allow for advanced searching features such as, searching for specific words or phrases in the text of an open Adobe PDF document, a set of PDF documents in a specified location (such as a cd-rom) PDF files on the Internet, or a catalog of indexed PDF documents anywhere on your hard drive or network server.

No more hunting for that lost document! All documents are at your fingertips. By integrating scanned documents into trial presentation software you are able to use state of the art methods of presenting your case.

Through the use of scanning, document scanning with OCR you will be able to:

  • Reduce document management costs in large litigation lawsuits
  • Create a powerful tactical weapon early in the litigation
  • Reduce malpractice claims due to missing, lost, or unidentified key documents
  • Maintain file integrity over long document storage life.
  • Protect yourself from losing documents in case of a disaster.
  • Reduce post litigation document archiving costs to a fraction.
  • Reduce costs associated with document production and depositions

Aloha Copy & Scanning does not provide trial presentation boards, graphics, models, messengers, process servers or mailers. Aloha's focus is on your documents! Lower overheads equal more economical solutions for the end user.


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