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Aloha's Document Scanning and Records Archiving Solutions vs Other Solutions


Here we compare using Aloha's document archiving and scanning service to ‘other’ document storage or in-house operations. Document storage costs can spike off the charts over the years. With documents needing to be retained over long periods of time and with ever increasing storage costs Aloha Copy & Scanning offers you an alternative that will save you money over time.


Use Our Aloha v Traditional Box Storage Calculator to look at some numbers


In-house Conversion Operations

In house operations have many pitfalls and cost overruns that are often overlooked. These items include: employee salaries, employee turnover, employee training time, managers salaries, equipment purchases, equipment maintenance, equipment breakdowns, quality issues from employees and many others. Using Aloha allows you the freedom to perform your ‘real’ job and not spend your precious time dealing with the above issues. It can be as simple as packing and labeling your boxes, then calling us to schedule a pick up, we will take them out of your way. How much easier can it be?

Off-site Document Storage

Right now, even a small stack of say 50 boxes just sitting at one of the larger archival companies can cost you upwards of several $100’s per month. Add up monthly fees and charges for: monthly service, retrievals, refiling retrievals, deliveries, return trips to pick up, faxing and coping, database access, adding new files or documents, rush charges... it can go on and on. Your annual cost can easily grow into the several thousands of dollars. Taking all that into consideration, is this how you want your mission critical business documents handled? Why wait around for your documents when they can be retrieved quickly and efficiently through one of our archival solutions and get on with business!


In-house Document Storage

Square footage prices can also be a huge cost for your organization. Keeping files in cabinets, storage rooms or even in other buildings heavily weigh down the users and managers of these ‘archived’ documents. Square footage is very valuable and can be totally wasted with rooms and corners filled with filing cabinets and boxes.

Square footage can cost $.85 - 1.50 for mixed use and $2.00 - 3.50+ for Class A space around San Diego, CA.
A regular size file box takes up approximately 1.68 square feet.
1.68 square feet multiplied by lets say $2.00 per square foot = $3.36 per month per (1) one box.
$3.36x12= $40.32 per year, per (1) box.
50 boxes at this rate would cost you $2,016.00 per year in rent.
If those boxes contained documents that have a retention of say 7 years; then these same boxes will cost you approximately $14,112 in rent over their 7 year life span. Keep in mind this does not include rental increases or time lost digging and refiling documents.

Aloha can convert these 50 boxes to scanned images for around $9,000 (each project varies) that is a savings of over $5,000. Also time lost for retrievals will be greatly reduced through our comprehensive indexing and you can implement an immediate disaster recovery plan by maintaining a copy at an off-site location (you do not have any disaster recovery when the documents are sitting in boxes).

Using Aloha's Document Scanning you would save over $5,000, reclaim much needed office floor space and implement a disaster recovery plan, wouldn't that make the boss happy?


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