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When Your Files Become Sloppy - It's Time To Call Aloha Copy!

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Legal Copy Services and Attorney Document Scanning

Legal Copy Services for Attorney and Legal Offices in all of Southern California and Beyond.

Medical Records
Courthouse Documents
Original Discovery
Opposing Counsel Documents
Retired Case Files
Trial Exhibit Binders
or any other important documents you need scanned or copied we have been there and done that!

Aloha Copy & Scanning provides full service

On-Site Scanning and Copy
Off-Site Scanning and Copy

Every document is scanned and converted to Searchable pdf and can be electronically annotated if needed (bates numbering). We then logically index the files by folder name, binder name or some other logical naming system that works for you. The files and index are then output to a DVD complete with a non-proprietary software viewing program that runs inside your default web browser. If you need same day service we can upload the files to you via a cloud service like Hightail (now Open Text) or Dropbox or something that you use already.

For Paper Copies we use high volume laser printers to provide superior paper to paper copies from the original scanned images.

Aloha also provides Service of Process for Medical Records and for standard Document Production. We do not provide persoal services for those jumping court dates, evictions or any at night home serves. We also provided full scanning and copy services for Trial Exhibit Binders, but do not provide trial presentation boards, graphics, models, video or audio services, messenger service or mailers.

Our focus is on your documents! Lower overheads equal more economical solutions for the end user.

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Service Details

On-Site and In-House Scanning are Priced Per Image and Vary Based on Complexity and Size of Your Project
Both Come With Standard Indexing and OCR to Searchable pdf Included

Every Project is Different Always Contact Us For a Formal Quote That Meets Your Specific Requirements

We are Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured

On-site scanning is limited to documents 11x17 or less (color, b/w or gray scale) - Oversized Drawings will need to be taken off site

We scan each batch (a folder, a stapled bundle, a binder... a logical break point) into a multi-page pdf file

We use Cannon 9080C high speed high volume document scanners, best in the industry, scanning up to 110 page per minute

Our scanners also boast blank page removal in which all pages are scanned double sided and the software can read the truly blank pages and removed them. This ensures that even the smallest of notation on the backside of a document will not be missed

All jobs are output to multi-page pdf with searchable text unless otherwise requested

Bates numbering on scanned copies for no extra charge

Paper copies are available using high speed laser printers

All the finishing options: 3-hole drilling, 2-hole punching, velo binding, comb binding etc...

Paper, PDF's or Both its up to you!


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