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Advanced Indexing & Coding For Copy Services or Records Archiving

Advanced Indexing involves a complex cross referenced data base. This cross referenced index is in an electronic format and can be used with either pdf or tif files. The index can be imported into a retrieval system you already have The cross referenced index uses up to 10 fields of objective indexing. (user keyed) This index provides a table of data that references the objective data, the file name, path and sub-path data and can be imported into almost any program with the most popular programs listed below.

_Image File Formats

  • Single Page TIF/JPEG Files
  • Multiple Page TIF Files
  • PDF Files (with or w/o searchable text)

_Database Load Files for the following programs: Image Load Files for the following programs:
  • Ipro Publish
  • Summation Text File
  • Summation Case Autoload
  • Concordance DAT File
  • Concordance Autoload
  • Laserfiche (Includes Image Links)
  • DB/Text Works (Includes Image Links)
  • Custom Export Format (that can be imported into almost any existing document management program ever created.
  • Ipro LPF - Burn to CD
  • Upload to IPRO Project/Server
  • Summation DII File
  • Autoload into Summation Case
  • Opticon TotalVZN, (OPT File)
  • Sanction & Trial Director (OLL File)
  • Doculex 3.0 & CaseMap
  • Doculex 5.0
  • Delimited ASCII Text File
  • Custom Export Format
_**Data Coding Options - 5 Default Field Definitions Image File Boundary Options


  • Box
  • Folder
  • Parent Document
  • Child Document
  • Single Page Parent
  • Single Page Child
  • Optional User Defined Boundary
_**A Maximum of 10 additional customized data __fields can be added. Examples are:
  • Document Author
  • Document Title
  • Document Date
  • etc...


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