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Standard Indexing & Coding For Copy Services or Records Archiving

Our Standard Output contains "named" pdf (or tif) files. These files are named according to binders, folders or tabs however your files are organized. We create a multi-image file that encompasses all the pages from a predetermined batch into the electronic file. This file is then renamed using a naming method that was outlined by you. (File names are limited to 165 characters for Win '95, '98, '00, ME, NT, XP, 7, 8 and 10) A customized index is created and imported into a customized viewer program. The electronic files, index and the customized viewer are then output to DVD.

There are 2 (two) Standard Output Options:

Option 1 - Sorted by Name (alpha order.) [DEFAULT OUTPUT] These files will not be in the exact order that we received them, but rather in logical alphabetical or numerical order. We can batch alpha files into electronic folders to match your paper filing system. So retrievals will be the same as you are used to you just click a folder instead of searching in a file cabinet. (go here Index/Viewer Screenshot for a visual sample.


Option 2 - Sorted by Creation Date & Time (the exact order of the original documents) This output represents the exact order that we received the documents. Not always the best option as it doesn't not sort out any mis-filed folders or documents, but this is an option that does serve certain (while rare) situations.


The CD Assistant

  • Our Standard Output contains a user friendly program we call our DVD Assistant. The assistant will automatically launch when you insert your DVD. This program helps you locate your files. It contain links to:
    • Customized Index/Viewer (see below for more information)
    • Complete help file
    • Browse DVD option
    • Link to Adobe's Download page for any viewing software upgrades
    • A link to
  • CD Assistant Screenshot

Customized Index/Viewer

  • Features:
    • The Menu Tree To The Left Works Just Like Windows Explorer Except Inside Your Browser
    • The Listing Displays in Bold by Default, After Opening Folders/Files They Are Displayed In Normal Text
    • Clicking On A Folder With A (+) Will Open It And Clicking On A Folder With A (-) Closes It
    • When You Select A PDF File To View, (single click) It Will Open In the right Viewer Window
    • The Left And Right Frames Can Be Resized; Left Click Your Mouse And Hold Down
    • On The || Bar Separating The Two Windows And Drag It Left or Right
  • Index/Viewer Screenshot
  • Help File Screenshot


PDF Files are the most popular option. They allow you to search for specific words or phrases in the text of an open Adobe PDF document, a set of pdf documents in a specified location; such as: a DVD, pdf files on the Internet, or a catalog of indexed pdf documents anywhere on your hard drive or network server. You can learn more about the latest search features at the Adobe Reader Features page.


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