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 Oversized / Drawings Scanning On-line Order / Quote Form

Fill out the form below to request a quote or to place an order for Aloha's Services

(less than 5 minutes to complete)

Complete the form below to Order Oversized / Drawings Scanning

If your project contains both Small Format and Oversized / Drawings you can fill out both forms or look over the order forma and then just give us a call

Our scanners are sheet feed only and we cannot flat bed scan anything like paintings, art work. or anything in a frame


Purpose For Sending This Form:

Requesting a Quote Only

Placing a Job Order For Services

My Contact Information:
  Company Name
  Phone ...X
  Your e-mail
  For Billing We Will Need The Following
  Address 1
  Address 2
  City State, Zip

Document Reference:

About the Documents:
  Providing an accurate description will help us better schedule the amount of time needed to complete your job.
  Approximate # Of Each Size  

C Size (18" X 24")


D Size (24" X 36")


E Size (36" X 48")


30" x 42"


Mixed Total Estimated #:

  Color Elements  

Scan Color Documents

    Color Scanning Notes:
  How Are The Drawings Stored  

Document Condition:

    Mixed Condition Notes:

Media Output:
  File Format    
  Single-Page .tif Multi-Page .tif  
  Single-Page .pdf Multi-Page pdf  
  Single-Page .jpg  
    Multi-Page File Batching:
  Output Media      
  DVD Paper Only  
  Cloud Upload    
  Flash drive (provided by you) Both - Paper & DVD  
    Both - Paper & Cloud Upload  
   # Of DVD's      

Indexing For TIF or PDF Files:
  Standard - The files are scanned as is and files are named ie
"Concrete 1.pdf", "C-2.pdf", "E-3 - 3rd Floor Electrical.pdf"

None - We will just scan the files in sequential numbers for you to
rename or index the files yourself

JPG files are only output as sequential numbers.

Paper Copy:
  We can only Print in Black and White at this time - Size for Size
  # Of Paper Copies
  Number of Copies

Payment: (all payments are due at the time of project completion, with no deposit required)
  Company Check Credit Card using PayPal (additional $10 processing fee)

Other Details / Special Instructions



Referral Source:
(REQUIRED - only one selection allowed)

Search Engine: Google Yahoo .Yelp.  
Direct Referral: A Friend Business Card Inside My Co. Outside My Co.
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Social Media Facebook: Twitter:    
Other: ..



You have just completed the Oversized Scanning Order / Quote Form which will get your project started
There may be other details we will need from you to fully complete the request
We will contact you ASAP if we need additional details


Before clicking [Submit Order Form] below click [Print A Copy]
if you wish to make a copy for your records



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