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Oversized Document Scanning Services

All Industries Including

Design Firms
Urban Planning
Home Contracting / Remodeling
Commercial Contracting
City Planning Industries

If you work in one of these or another industry then you’ve most likely had to draw up a fair share of blueprints. Private contractors and those in real estate also usually have to create floor plans and map out their properties. All of this work is crucial to the professions they fall under and need to be stored for future additions or simply for public record. Unfortunately these drawings and floor plans tend to decay over time and are difficult to store. Aloha can easily scan all this paper to tif or pdf files instantly created a lasting backup for easy referencing and for future re-printing if needed.

Our scanners are sheet feed only and we cannot flat bed scan anything like paintings, art work. or anything in a frame.

This service is only available at our offices. We do not take any large format scanners on location.

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Service Details

Scanning Price is Per Square Document Foot With Standard Indexing Included

Every Project is Different Always Contact Us For a Formal Quote That Meets Your Specific Requirements

Oversized sheet feed scanning for documents up to Engineering 'E' size (36x48)

Scanning in color, b/w or gray scale (300dpi typical with higher resolutions available)

Each drawing becomes a single pdf, tif (group IV) or jpg file

Files can be named according to drawing number or batched in a logic manner of your choosing

Images are output to DVD, cloud service upload or a flash drive if you drop one off with your documents

Full size b/w printing is available

We use Contex wide format scanners, best in the industry


Paper Estimator

Will help you determine the volume of your scanning/copy job



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