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Printing and Finishing Options

Aloha uses fast HP laser printers to print all our small format printing. We can print 110ppm in b/w HP is synonymous with legendary quality and reliable printing performance.

Our large format printing can print b&w and color plans quickly.

Our apologies as Aloha is not a true print shop and we do not print wedding invitation, flyers, business cards etc...

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Small Format
We do not offer size for size printing. Mixed 8.5 x11 or smaller & 11 x14 as well as 11 x 17 documents will be printed to all 8.5 x11 .

If the entire job is 'B' size (ie 11x17) We can print to 11x17 in b/w or in full color.

We no longer offer double sided printing. All double sided documents will be printed to the front side of two individual pages.

Media Options: We use 20lb white bond 30% Recycled Paper for our 8.5x11 and Printing Services
Large Format
Oversized Drawings will be printed size for size according their corresponding size: C, D or E.

Binding: staple with edge bind, staple no edge bind, loose, screw-post (suggested for sets 180+ sheets)

Folding: set-fold (stapled/folded per set), sheet-fold (per sheet, 8.5×11, 7×9), CalTrans folding, and tri-folding

Media options: regular 20lb white bond, recycled white bond, color bond, 4 mil matte mylar, clear mylar and non-erasable vellum

Standard Documents

Black and White

8.5" x 11"

8.5" x 14"

11" x 17"

Volume laser printing:.tif, .pdf, .jpg, .bmp etc...

Standard Documents

Full Color

8.5" x 11"


Oversized Drawings

B/W or Full Color

11" x 17" and larger


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These Finishing Options are offered as standard options for Small Format printing. We do accommodate other "special" requests. For visual details about storage go to our Paper Estimator. Original Documents are ALWAYS returned EXACTLY as we received them with all staples, paper clips, binder clips and the like in their original position.


Finishing Options

  • 3-Hole Side Punch with or without binders
  • 2-Hole Top Punch with fasteners and cover & backing
  • 2-Hole Side Punch with or without binders
  • Velo Binding with clear cover & cardstock backing
  • Spiral Binding with clear cover & cardstock backing
  • Numbered Tab Sheets

Finishing Storage Details

    Storage Media

  • 5" Binders
  • 4" Binders
  • 3" Binders
  • 2" Binders
  • 1" Binders
  • 2-Hole Punch with 2" Fasteners
  • 2-Hole Punch with 1" Fasteners
  • Velo Binders Hold Approx. (about 1.5 inches)
  • Plastic Coil/Spiral Binders Hold Approx. (about 1.5 inches)

    Hold Approximate # Pages

  • 950-1050
  • 750-780
  • 650-670
  • 450-480
  • 250-275
  • 450-480
  • 225-240
  • 200-300
  • 175-200


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