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When Your Files Become Sloppy - It's Time To Call Aloha Copy!

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Archival Scanning Services

Cover All Industries Including

Health Care
School or University
Government Agency
Financial Entity

All Document Types Including

Human Resource Files
Banking Records
Customer Files
Contract Files
Manufacturing Documents
Insurance Documents
Medical or Dental Records

OR any other mission critical business documents from any other industry

Archival Scanning Services for long term storage and records archiving are designed to help you meet your document retention needs. Every industry is regulated by a governing board of some type and each one has different requirements and regulations. If you are unsure of your retention needs you can use our Retention Schedule. but you should check with your legal council for assistance.

Every document we scan is converted to Searchable PDF. We then apply a cross reference index and deliver your electronic files to you nicely indexed and logically organized with a self contained non-proprietary viewer program on a DVD. We can also uploaded the files directly to your server or provide you with downloadable files via a cloud service if this meets your needs.

We can also scan smaller personal projects such as photo's or personal documents containing financial information, legal documents, family history or any other documents you want to digitize. These jobs are typically output to a flash drive provided by you or through a cloud service.

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Service Details

Scanning Price is Per Image and Varies Based on Complexity and Size of Your Project
OCR to Seachable pdf and Post Scanning Shredding and Recyling of Your Paper are Included at No Extra Charge

Every Project is Different Always Contact Us For a Formal Quote That Meets Your Specific Requirements

High volume high speed scanning for documents 11x17 or less (color, b/w or gray scale)

We scan each batch (a folder, a stapled bundle, a binder... a logical break point) into a multi-page pdf file

Standard output to multi-page pdf with searchable text

Advanced output to a text delimited database file containing up to 10 hand keyed index fields

Images are output to DVD with a custom non proprietary indexing software included

We use Cannon 9080C high speed high volume document scanners, best in the industry, scanning up to 110 page per minute

Our scanners have double page detection technology that by using page thickness awareness can detect a double feed of something as small as a sticky note on the page

Our scanners also boast blank page removal in which all pages are scanned double sided and the software can read the truly blank pages and removed them. This ensures that even the smallest of notation on the backside of a document will not be missed.

More features include color drop out to remove lines on forms, automatic page rotation and others


Retention Schedule

Is designed as a guide for how long you
might need to keep your documents

Paper Estimator

Will help you determine the volume
of your scanning/copy job

Using Aloha v Storing Documents

Compares our services to ther most
common document storage options



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