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Aloha Copy & Scanning Accepts Company Checks and Credit Cards Through PayPal

ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE UPON RECEIPT OF YOUR JOB. Unless otherwise pre-arranged.

All Invoices remaining unpaid over 30 days from the invoice date will have a five percent (5%) late fee added monthly. Invoices unpaid after 90 days from the original invoice date or more may incur additional charges for reasonable attorney's fees and collection costs.

A general rule is that when we hand you the job we expect to be handed the payment. There are obvious exceptions.


Check Payment Details (business and personal)

Business - A very common way to pay Aloha Copy & Scanning is by purchase order and business check. With either need a copy of your Purchase Order or simply Verbal Confirmation from you to begin the work. An invoice will be delivered at the time of job completion or we bill on a monthly or weekly basis for larger contracts if you so request.

Personal - If you wish to pay with a personal check we must receive and verify that the funds are good BEFORE we ship or deliver your job to you. Personal Checks take up to 7 days and Money Orders of course are good the following day of receipt.

Mail To:

Aloha Copy & Scanning
1135 Garnet Ave
Suite #22
San Diego, CA 92109


Credit Card Payment Details

We can ONLY accept Credit Card payments through PayPal. At this time. We prefer to not take your credit card information over the phone or in person with a phone credit card scanner. Easiest is to just pay with your Credit Card using the PayPal Secure On-line Payment program below. Let us know you wished to pay with PayPal and we will invoice you accordingly.

We will send you a line item invoice via email (in pdf format) and then a separate PayPal money request that is just a simple "Money Request For Services" with the the total amount matching the invoice.

Payment Details for PayPal Secure On-line Payment

We accept SECURE on-line Credit Card Payments world wide with PayPal

Note: YOU DO NOT NEED A PayPal ACCOUNT TO SEND MONEY USING PAYPAL. If you currently do not have a PayPal account, you can enter your credit card information during the checkout process to complete the transaction. Invoices are delivered to you via e-mail with all the necessary instructions included. All you need to do is click on the [Click Here] button in the Money Request/Invoice e-mail from us and follow the online instructions. It is that easy. PayPal accepts: Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and American Express.

Go To PayPay and See We Are Verified

Aloha Copy & Scanning is a PayPal Verified Member
(click the image for more information)


PLEASE NOTIFY Aloha Copy & Scanning by selecting the "Bill Me Using PayPal" e-mail option if you wish to be billed with PayPal (make sure you give us your PayPal e-mail address to bill to.)



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